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Core aeration is the process of mechanically removing plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn. Aeration opens the soil, helps reduce compaction, improves water infiltration, improves rooting, reduces thatch and acts in many other ways to improve the lawn and to reduce stress. When left on the surface, cores can be allowed to breakdown and redistribute soil throughout the thatch. The soil within the core modifies the physical structure of the thatch, making it a better growing medium. Aeration breaks up compacted soil allowing water, fertilizer and air to penetrate deep which results in deep rooting of the lawn. Most turf grasses require cultivation to restrict thatch buildup and more importantly, to relieve soil compaction.  Aeration should be done in the Spring and / or Fall. Core cultivation is not a substitute for dethatching! Lawn & Turf uses the best Aerators available, no one does a better job of aerating. The aeration process will leave plugs of thatch and soil on the lawn but these will decompose in a few weeks. Mow and water your lawn normally. If you have a underground sprinkler system, all heads need to be marked before the service can be performed.



  • Improved fertilizer uptake and use
  • Improved rooting
  • Stimulates new growth in thin areas
  • Reduced soil compaction
  • Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance
  • Enhanced thatch breakdown
  • Enhanced soil water uptake

Lawn and TurfLawn and Turf

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    I knew that the lawn was going to be in bad shape after the heavy snow this winter. Your aeration service did a great job of bringing it back. Great Service.
    - Jack